The Perry family has a history of innovation and stewardship that spans four generations of southern Alberta farming.  Brothers Chris and Harold Perry run the farm operation located near Chin, Alberta.   Today, the Perry farm is a diverse operation comprising 3,500 acres of irrigated land producing quality potatoes, sunflowers, green peas, seed canola, and a range of cereals for clients such as Frito Lay, McCain’s, Lucerne Foods, Hytech Production, and Spitz.  The Perry family implements best practices and uses modern technology to demonstrate responsibility to the planet and people through environmental stewardship.  GrowTEC is the latest initiative of this entrepreneurial family, led by Chris Perry as President and CEO.

The Perry family currently has a number of innovative and green initiatives underway:

  • The farm is using 30 tons (105 kW’s) of geothermal cooling / heating for the potato storage operation, drastically reducing the power demand from conventional air conditioning and heating systems.
  • The farm has recently installed 20 kW of solar electric photovoltaic.
  • The farm currently sequesters carbon with tillage operations from the exhaust on two tractors and we intend to do more.
  • A manure compost program decreases the farm’s requirement for synthetic fertilizers.